The Need-to-Knows of SITR

Posted on 30/08/2018

There has been a lot of noise around Social Investment Tax Relief, or SITR, in recent times. Yet, many people and organisations who it is relevant to still don’t know much about it (if anything at all). With SIS Ventures’ Impact First Fund benefiting from SITR, we’d like to share with you some key need-to-know information about SITR.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Social Investment Tax Relief, SIS Ventures or the Impact First fund. Please ensure that you read the legal information at the bottom of this post, relating to details which may be relevant to you.

Intro to SITR

Legal information relating to this post:

This information was prepared to act as a quick reference guide for those looking into Social Investment Tax Relief in 2018. It is important that readers understand the following legal information.

  • This post is not a comprehensive review of the law relating to SITR. This post is a very brief overview, only created to give the reader a better understanding and introduction to this topic.
  • Neither SIS Ventures, Social Investment Scotland or any of their respective partners, directors, employees, agents or representative can give any advice on this area and will have no liability to any third party who may rely on the contents of this post.
  • This post is based on our understanding of law and HMRC practice as at today’s date. The law can change and changes can be retrospective.
  • This is a relatively new area of law and, thus, little custom and practice has yet been developed by HMRC or the Cabinet Office. It is thought that more substantial policy and practice will develop over time.
  • The above post is a very brief overview of this complex area of tax law. Therefore, the detail can be complicated and by keeping our post simple, we have missed out much of the detail that may be relevant to you.
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