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Investing in impactful enterprises to help address society’s greatest challenges and needs


At SIS Ventures we believe that impactful enterprises, those that deliver profit with purpose, should be the bedrock of society; supported with the full power of the investor community.

We seek a commitment from an entrepreneur to lock the social mission into their company; ensuring that social impact and financial success are symbiotic and the organisation is accountable for the impact it creates.

Our Approach

SIS Ventures seeks to work with outstanding individuals committed to creating long-term, scalable social impact. These are businesses that seek to combine more traditional business objectives with the creation of social impact at scale. SIS Ventures is a flexible investor and will look to co-invest alongside other mission-aligned investors.

Our Terms

A mission-led business embeds social impact into the DNA of the organisation; measuring success based on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits. The social mission must be clearly articulated and locked in, beginning with intent and resulting in tangible outcomes.

Each investee company will receive one to one support from an independent impact advisor at the beginning of the investment ro ensure an effective mission lock is in place.

Diversity & Equality

SIS Ventures will back diverse teams with a positive and enabling culture; actively seeking founders from under-represented groups and ensuring appropriate equality policies are in place at investee level.


SIS Ventures is part of the Social Investment Scotland group and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We aim to support and grow high impact organisations through access to mission-aligned investment. Our goal is to become the go to investor and partner for social entrepreneurs. With the work of social entrepreneurs helping shape a more vibrant and cohesive economy, the experienced SIS Ventures team will support in creating greater social change.

Our first fund raises new capital, utilising both EIS and SITR tax reliefs, to support both social enterprises (like charities and community interest companies) and mission-driven businesses. The latter will be expected to lock in their social mission in return for investment, underlining the importance of purpose to the very foundation of their businesses. The fund will offer conventional financial returns alongside social and/or environmental returns by investing either equity or debt into purpose driven companies.

Our Team

The SIS Ventures team is a talented mix of impact investors, traditional investment managers who understand the market opportunity, and individuals who are compelled to make their investments drive positive impact.

Thomas Gillan profile picture

Thomas Gillan

SISV Director

Thomas is the executive lead at SIS Ventures and is responsible for the strategic planning within the SIS group. In 2015, he led the development of SIS Community Capital, the UK’s first impact investment fund raising investment using Social Investment Tax Relief. With a background in corporate finance, he is passionate about social entrepreneurship, connecting organisations with mission-aligned investors to support inclusive growth and social impact. In 2016 Thomas was named the sustainability winner in the top 35 CAs under 35 by ICAS in Scotland.

Alastair Davis profile picture

Alastair Davis

SIS CEO, SISV Director

Alastair joined SIS in 2009 initially to run the investment team, however in 2011, Alastair became SIS’s Chief Executive. Before joining SIS he worked with Bank of Scotland’s community banking, where he developed his broad and extensive knowledge of social investment. In 2012, Alastair completed the prestigious ‘Strategic Perspectives in Non Profit Management’ programme at Harvard Business School and in 2017 was awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Banker Institute.

Alistair Johnstone profile picture

Alistair Johnstone

Risk and compliance officer

Alistair, who started at SIS in 2011, is responsible for the group’s credit risk and compliance functions. Alistair provides strong direction and to support investment policy, risk, and compliance across the SIS group. Alistair is able to support all types of organisations through SIS due to his extensive financial and relationship skills. Before his career at SIS, Alistair joined Bank of Scotland where he worked for over 20 years in various roles.

Rob Halliday profile picture

Rob Halliday

Fund manager

Prior to SIS Ventures, Rob held the role of Lead Fund Manager at SIS – leading the due diligence process for new investment proposals and managing a portfolio of SIS’s customers. He is responsible for the delivery of the SISV investment policy, working closely with the Investment Committee to ensure the fund objectives are met. Rob has a wealth of experience making and managing impactful investments to wide range of sectors including community renewables, arts and culture and consumer products.

Mary Jane Browers profile picture

Mary Jane Brouwers


Mary Jane has worked in equity investments since 1997 when she joined the team that became Bank of Scotland Growth Equity, managing a portfolio of companies ranging from SME to FTSE. Subsequently she worked as an investment manager for the Scottish Investment Bank for two years before joining Archangels, Scotland’s most successful business angel group, as an Investment Executive in 2010. At Archangels she was responsible for reviewing new investment proposals as well as the active portfolio management of investee companies.

Seeking Investment?

The following information gives guidance on the criteria that we look for when determining whether an investment proposal is suitable for SIS Ventures.

We are here to support impactful organisations.

SIS Ventures puts impact first. We invest for impact regardless of legal structure.

We seek a commitment from an entrepreneur to lock the social mission into their company; ensuring that social impact and financial success go hand-in-hand.

SIS Ventures is particularly interested in investing for growth in high-impact potential organisations that are close to or already trading.

Where possible, we are keen to invest alongside others.

If you are mission-driven private business, you will need to be Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) eligible.

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If you have plans to grow and deliver impact at scale, or believe there is someone in your network we should talk to, please get in touch.


If you would like to learn more about the details of our model and social impact investment, please get in touch.


At SIS Ventures we believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. Let us know if we can support you with your objectives.